Polymate Ltd.-INRC management team combines a dynamic mix of engineering and technological development and industry expertise. It is involved in scientific and engineering expertise with an impressive depth of corporate and technology experience in the sales, marketing, finances and general management disciplines. This winning combination ensures Polymate Ltd.-INRC's continuing success.

Nicolai Kudravcev

Eng, MSc, Nicolai Kudravcev


Leading Research Team:

Research team includes well-educated specialists in the field of Material Engineering. In particularly in the field of nanostructured composites. The team has excellent skills in synthesis and characterization of complex polymer systems, including synthesis of nano compositions.

Dr. Leonid Shapovalov
Senior Technical Consultant

Experienced technologist and researcher with over 30 years of involvement in paint industry and chemical engineering.

Dr. Dmitriy Beilin
Head of Physical - Mechanical Laboratory

Well-known specialist in the field of strength of materials, theory and testing structures with over 30 years of involvement in Civil Engineering.

Raisa Potashnikov
Foam Specialist, M.Sc.

Experienced technologist and researcher with over 25 years of experience in chemical and foam development production.

Consulting Team:

Polymate Ltd.-INRC's Consulting team comprises of high qualified individuals with years experience in material engineering.

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