We offer our research and testing capabilities for solution of your technological and material problems.

Polymate Ltd.-INRC has laboratories equipped with all laboratory, technological and testing of equipment needed for development and testing of new polymeric materials.

Polymate Ltd.-INRC carries out development, physical-mechanical analysis and testing of different materials, including spectrum analysis, strength-strain testing, and quality control in:
  • Polymeric, composite materials and coatings
  • Concrete and fiber reinforced concrete
  • New building materials and components
  • Polymeric materials for coating
  • Corrosion testing

and also:

  • Adaptation of novel materials to special requirements of consumers
  • Assisting and consulting in finding solutions to a variety of technological material problems
  • Assisting manufacturers of polymeric and composite materials in finding solutions of technological problems, quality assurance in term of the required standards
For custom development or updating of a new or available material please fill the form
Polymate Ltd.-INRC is involved in:
  • Evaluation of polymeric and composite materials with regard to its strength, permeability and durability for special application
  • Characterization of different materials for fire and moisture prevention
  • Materials for flooring, coating, and painting


Polymate Ltd.-INRC invites companies for cooperation in elaborating of new coatings, adhesives and composite materials!

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