Polymate Ltd., International Nanotechnology Research Center (Polymate Ltd.-INRC) was established in 1997 and since has developed many advanced and novel environmentally friendly superior polymer and composite materials and technologies, specialized in environmental engineering and nano-technologies.

Polymate Ltd.-INRC operates using its own research capacities in association with broad R&D partnerships in Israel and around the world, mostly in Europe and USA.

Polymate Ltd.-INRC operates on the basis of exclusive partnership with the US based technology development and commercialization company NanoTech Industries, Inc. (NTI). NTI fully finances Polymate’s operations in return for exclusive access to Polymate’s new technologies, research/development, patenting, transfer and service for the life of the technologies. NTI focuses on commercialization and marketing of environmentally friendly polymer products developed by Polymate (such as Green PolyurethaneTM). Both Co-Founders of Polymate Ltd serve as the key executives of NTI.

Polymate Ltd.-INRC Research and Consulting team includes excellent experts in material and structural engineering. The team carries out wide range of developments in field of material engineering: polymers, coatings, paints, adhesives etc., spectrum analysis and physical-mechanical testing of material properties.

Polymate Ltd.-INRC during the recent years has developed cooperation with leading industrial manufactures and contractors in USA, EU and Israel such as Phazer (USA), Comex (Mexico), Polycoat (USA) , KLB (Germany), Denber Paints Ltd. (Israel), Israel Electric Company, ICTPOL (Portugal), Simpson Coatings Group, Inc. (USA), and others.

Polymate Ltd.-INRC has developed a number of innovative products, including:

  • Hybrid nanostructured non-isocyanate polyurethane materials (HNIPU)
  • Biodegradable and recyclable hydrophobic coatings (GreenCoat)
  • Nanoseeds
  • Others

During the last years Polymate Ltd.-INRC has filed for and received more than 20 US, Canadian, Australian, Japanese, Israeli, S. Korean & EU patents as a result of its developments and inventions.

Polymate Ltd.-INRC was awarded:

  • 2015 Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award, USA, 2015 (together with company NanoTech Industries, Inc. )
  • NASA Nanotech Briefs®' Nano 50™ Award, 2007
  • Gold Medal at World Exhibition "EHREN-URKUNDE", Iena, Germany, 1998
  • Best Award at Polyurethane World Congress, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 1997
HNIPU flooring, Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority, Randalls Island, New York, USAPic.2
 HNIPU flooring, Infineon Racing, CA, USAPic.3
HNIPU flooring, Delek Gas Station, IsraelPic.4
HNIPU flooring, Republic Airport hangar, New York, USA
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